Pricing_1Use AHAthat to share AHAleadership (thought leadership) content for free. Quickly
write & publish your AHAbook and get a PDF and Kindle eBook. Have your AHAbook turned into both paperback and hardcover formats. Check out your options below:


1) DIFY: We will write the content for you (1-pager / shopping cart).

  1. Ghostwritten & Published AHAbook, PDF for Leadgen, Kindle, & Physical Books Created & Distributed $ 7,497
    -You also receive 100 Paperback & 25 Hardcover copies plus an Amazon bestseller campaign.
  2. Ghostwritten & Published AHAbook, eBook for Leadgen & Kindle Version in Amazon $ 3,997
  3. Ghostwritten & Published AHAbook $ 3,497


2) DIY: Write your own content (1-pager / shopping cart).


  1. Publish AHAbook, PDF for Leadgen, Kindle, & Physical Books Created & Distributed $ 4,550
    -You receive 50 Paperback & 10 Hardcover copies
  2. Publish AHAbook, PDF for Unlimited Leadgen, & Kindle Version in Amazon $ 1,950
  3. Publish Your AHAbook on AHAthat $ 450


3) Marketing AHAthatRadio

  1. For those wanting more help, AHAthat has a marketing package for you: http://aha.pub/MarketingPackage
  2. We can help you become an Amazon bestselling author: http://aha.pub/AmazonBestsellerCampaign
  3. Let your audience hear your thought leadership: AHAmessages stream 24 hours a day
    https://AHAthatRadio.com , Have your AHAbook listed (where ” AHAbook listed ” should link to the AHAthat Radio flyer that ‘s also linked to on the AHAthatRadio.com)


4) AHAbook Silver Authoring Accountability Program ( http://aha.pub/silveraha)

For $150/month, you get credit to publish one AHAbook a quarter. We will work with you to ensure you write your AHAbooks. For more info, please check out this page: https://dev.ahathat.com/ahaccountability/


5) AHAthat Scholarship Program

Qualified teachers and students can publish AHAbooks for free. For more info, please check out this page: https://dev.ahathat.com/scholarship/



Teachers & Students — Apply For Your Scholarship Now!


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